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    Who Does

    My current contact in the USA cant supply reloading components anymore they must have closed the door on his exporting business so now i will have to purchase my supplies over here which upsets me somewhat, but such is life, I will have to do like everyone else is doing I suppose and pay top wack in the future.
    So who do you recomend is the cheapest and best supplier for bullet heads HEEEDS and i use that term with some candor as i know some will take the piss , at the moment I am in short supply of .224 55gr soft nose and could do with stocking up on .277 in varying weights, last time i was at my local gun shop i nearly had a fit when he told me the price of them especially the price of nosler partitions I thought he was having a larffffffff .

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    midwayuk - to your local "helpful" RFD


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