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Thread: Mods more suited for target practice?

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    Mods more suited for target practice?

    Some advice please. I have a .308 varmint which I use for stalking and target shooting, nothing formal, just in fields for the pleasure of it. I only go stalking one a month really.*

    I want to get a moderator for the stalking. If you are firing say 30/40 rounds over a short period, is a mod still accurate? Do they lose accuracy if they get hot? Are any makes more suited to firing lots of shots, such as when target shooting.

    Many thanks John*

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    For target shooting I am thinking a muzzle can would be more suitable as the over barrel type seem to help the barrel heat up more. When at the range using the moderator I tend to shoot a string them set the rifle aside and take the mod off and use another rifle so it can cool. My P8 Wildcat certainly heats up with around using the 25-06. The .308 uses less powder so the moderator would heat up slower.

    As yet I have not tried a muzzle can but do intend to.

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    JetZ would be pretty much the ticket for that sort of use. Look at ASE UTRA on the net.

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    I shot 300yd comps with a steel modular A-tec and my friend had a steel Delta on his rifle
    at the same comps. I packed quite a bit of cammo tape around the mod to keep the heat from
    annoying the sight. We shot 20 rounds on a trott.
    Heat affecting sight off the moderator is the worst problem. My rifle shoots hot or cold
    to the same point, even with mod. The Atec steel or steel/stainless Delta's will take a beating.
    I presume the lifspan of a moderator depends on material of the baffle and how thick it is at
    the most effected area.
    I prefer shooting with a moderator as I use lightish hunting rifle.


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    A welded construction is a must for anyone serious about accuracy. Nothing to move or loosen under temperature change.

    I used the AUC Jet-Z on a 300 eVolution (Improved 338 lap mag necked down to 30 cal) in F-Class... Fantastic... if thats not putting it to the test then what is.

    I suggest muzzle mounted aswell. There are a few available from ASE UTRA now. Check out there are some new ones out now which are proving to be good performers but the AUC Jet-Z is still my choice.

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    I put a new scope on my rifle the other day and was doing some zeroing at different ranges, the heat haze from my T8 was terrible. My friends ASE Utra S5, although not quite as good with noise attenuation (mk1 ear), suffered much less with heat haze.

    There may be something in this muzzle can business?! But for my normal deer stalking I think the Third Eye Reflex is the next on the shopping list. One third the weight of a T8 and still a reflex design, the handling will be much improved.

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    Many thanks for the advice chaps, some good constructive comments. Gives me plenty to think about, think I will head out tomorrow and have a look at some! many thanks

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    I have an ASE ultra on my 308, yes it creates heat shimmer after a lot of shots in succession but I'm talking 30 or so in a few mins, it's well made, compact and has had well in excess of 4000 shots through it, with no wear to speak of, and I've had it HOT ! To the point it would melt plastic if touched, with no poa shift at all (on a sako varmint) it may not be super quiet, but it's good enough to not need ear pro, unlike my mates tld, earpro still needed and larger/heavier. But for general range use, it's fine in relation to heat haze, I just tend to rattle them down fast, all the guys in the club hate doing butt duty with me, they never stop. Lol.

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    If you want something robust & lightweight look at the titanium ones such as the Lawrence Precision, although the outlay is greater than aluminium or stainless.atb Tim

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