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Thread: butchers rusk.....breadcrumbs

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    butchers rusk.....breadcrumbs

    quick query for those of you who may help.....

    i use occasionally "bought" packets of flavourings for my burgers n bangers but prefer to make up my own

    i use buthcers rusk as a binding agent usually but was wondering bout breadcrumbs....

    i tried em berfore and blitzed a heap into powder/crumbs then sealed in an air tight jar but still got mould...i hadnt left long enougth to go stale

    heres my question......

    can i lightly toast the bread before i breadcrumb it????????

    what do you do?

    sauer / paul

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    full loaf in the oven on a low heat covered with foil with several holes in it. Separate the pieces as best you can prior to putting in the oven. Takes about an hour to completely dry at gas mark 4.
    Blitz it then into zip lock bags and freeze.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    i had some sausages made by the chef at the cirencester gun shop open day. the guy said he used ready brek instead of rusk. they tasted good and the texture was spot on.

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    Use pinhead rusk and save the hassle. Try Scobbies or Franco at

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    cheap loaf of bread on low in oven then blitz to crump or try oatmeal both good but i think pin head rusc is better....neil

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    cheers guys im already using rusk fae the butchers.....

    by sounds of it be easier just sticking to going into butchers with my tupperware box and getting him to fill it job done!!

    readybrek?......mmmmmmmmm never heard that one before guess it would work too!

    sauer/ paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    or try oatmeal
    That's what I've used in my last few batches of burgers and they turned out very well - even reached for the Scott's Porridge Oats box when I ran out recently.

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