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Thread: Range finders

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    Range finders

    Can anyone recommend a range finder that can be used at night. I've had my Bushnell yardage pro for years but as its read out is black it's not a lot of good at night!
    I don't want a massively expensive one!

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    The best one I've tried and swear by is the Leica. It has an illuminated red display, does not dazzle you but shows up great at night. If your feeling flush then the bino’s they do are amazing.


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    Dennis is spot on; the Leica is very good at night. I have used a CRF900 for a few years and have never had a problem.

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    +1 for the leica's, i use the 8x56 geovids can't vouch for their night time use, but in extremely low light...........fantastic

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    Another for Leica I have the CRF 900 as well and you get a really clear projection in red of the range as already advised.

    Had a yardage pro before and the Lecia is in a different world in terms of accuracy, consistency, clarity ease of use etc.

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    Rangefinder in the Leica Geovid 8X42 - magic. You pays your money - - - - . I can't qualify this for absolute dark night work but for poor light conditions and a moonlit night they certainly work very well. Anything else and you are into infra-red aren't you ?
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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