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Thread: Ultrasonic cleaner

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    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Hi Folks, just bought 1 of these
    Ultra 7000 Ultrasonic Cleaner : Ultrasonic Cleaners : Maplin
    on offer at moment.
    for 25 does a great job of getting cases nice and shiny.

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    How many cases can you get in it at any one time and how long does it take to clean a batch of brass?

    Thanks and regards,


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    Hi Tim
    I put in 20 cases at a time and put it through two 480sec cycles. The tank capacity is 750ml. You could probably get 30 or so cases in, but I read that brass is very good at absorbing ultrasonic waves the more cases you clean at a time then you will need to run more cycles. Their is a good article on the 6mbr site on ultrasonic cleaning.


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    Ive got a similar one. What solutiona re your using? Vinegar/Water 80/20 is working pretty good for me

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    Just gone out to Maplin after seeing this and procured one of said cleaners for my self! Have just put all my .308 & 6555 brass through in batches of 25... any more and you can't guarantee keeping the cases submerged (I suppose it depends very much on calibre!) These cases have all been through a standard dry vibratory cleaner but the ultrasonic has certainly cleaned the insides and brought a real shine to the outsides! Have done 100 .308s and 150 6555s and had to change the water 4 times as it was black & filthy (bear in mind these have already been 'cleaned!!!) so proof that this little baby does what it says. For 25 quid I am chuffed to bits and now that I have tested the water, may consider a larger one at some point next year so I can do batches of 200.

    I bought some of the cleaning additive in Maplin while I was there, 5 and it will probably do a couple of 1000 cases... seems to do a good job on the brass to and there's nothing in there that could affect the metal (I hope lol!)


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    Have you tried using coke in it? I use it as it is without the Ultrasonics and it works very well, but it's supposedly excellent as an ultrasonic solution.

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    I am using sea clean, which I got when I bought it, if you read the article on 6mmbr UltraSonic Case Cleaning it says that vinegar works well butyou need to neautralize the cases. haven't tried coke but will next time one of the kids walks through the door with a can in their hand. Must say for the cost quite chuffed, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

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    Yes, I always neutralise the cases after. I mainly use it to give the insides a good clean...Because ive got a bit of OCD I tend to finish the cases with Brasso or very light metal wool, gets a nice finish to the brass.

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