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    One of the late Lea MacNallys semi-tame Red Hinds at Torridon.

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    Roe Doe at Inshriach, Aviemore, this week. [Poor light conditions.]

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    Thanks for the pictures Mr Stag.
    At this point I'd just like to say to all new members that Mr Stag is very experienced ‘Old School’ Shooter and Deer Manager who can count many of the late and great stalkers and deer managers of our time as his personal friends.

    We are very privileged to have Mr Stag as a member of this site. Long may he continue to regale us with his interesting posts and personal photo collection.

    A true gentleman of the Deer Stalking community indeed.

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    marvelous stagg
    you must hav one heck of a scrapbook, keep these pics coming my friend
    i for one enjoy them,
    what i did notice , was the colour of the roe,in your picture,
    As i hav just got back from 2 days in the moffat area, and all the roe does i saw looked rather dark and grey even in the sunlight just like they were wearing a winter coat, so i assumed all scottish roe may of carried this trait ,as i hav seem them just as dark in argyll too
    any ideas?
    kind regards stone
    ps sorry no pics as i was too busy trying to find a buck to stalk but once again they eluded me, thats stalking for you

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    Some of the beasties around Aviemore also seemed darkish in colour but the one in the photo was in her full summer coat.
    The Aviemore Deer in general, Red and Roe, are extremely car shy and usually scamper off when you slow down to look at them.

    Photo below of a young Cumbrian gentleman taken recently, not car shy.
    [ Coat change not yet completed. ]

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    Cumbrian Roe Doe, 6th May 2008 at 19.19 PM.


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    Young Cumbrian Roe Doe coming through the coat change.

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    Wonderful pictures sir. The one of Lea MacNally's hind brought very happy memories of reading his column avidly every week - first stop as soon as ST hit the mat. His book Torridon is still a soruce of delight. What a true gentleman he was.

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