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Thread: BSA 240 Magnum air pistol

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    BSA 240 Magnum air pistol

    Absolutely immaculate condition!

    **** SOLD ****

    Nothing broken, missing, scuffed, rusty or scraped.

    Still in original box, so perfect for any serious collector (see photo).

    Just not getting any use (that exlains the perfect condition!!), so it's going....

    And as it's boxed, it would make a perfect Christmas present for someone!. Go on, you know you want to....

    (Calibre: .177)

    Open to sensible offers around 110.00

    PM me if you'd like any further info or any more photos. I've not advertised it anywhere else yet, thought I'd give you guys first dibs.....

    Attachment 3552Attachment 3553Attachment 3554

    Cheers for looking!

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    Is this still for sale.


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    PM sent Merlin
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