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Thread: Discovery 3 seat covers

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    Discovery 3 seat covers

    Set of 5 individual seat covers (2 x front, 3 x rear) for a Landrover Discovery 3.

    Waterproof, keep all the muck 'n' blood off your seats, perfect for the stalker.....

    Specific to Disco 3, cutouts on front covers to accomodate side-airbags, light grey in colour. No rips, tears or burns.

    Cost 100 for the set when new (bought them from CoverKing, so they're not cheap rubbish that rip as soon as you look at them), yours for a ludicrously bargainous 50.00 for the set of 5.

    Attachment 3558Attachment 3559Attachment 3560
    (Reason for sale: I've changed my car and haven't got my Discovery any more.....)


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    Are these still for sale? If so would be interested will pay for next day recorded delivery if you are still selling them please text 07921686687

    Many Thanks

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