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Thread: Sauer alloy action

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    Sauer alloy action

    Anyone else experienced a problem with one of these? I bought one secondhand and didnt notice at the time (which would have been difficult) that one of the threads in the reciever for the front mounting block was stripped out. Realise that it could probably be re-tapped but seems if the reciever is really that soft that there is every chance it could happen again? Thoughts/experiences appreceiated.

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    I've no direct experience, but I'm sure I've read that it is advisable to use some sort of adhesive as well as the screws when fixing mounts to an alloy action. Of course the later ones had machined-in dovetails, so the problem doesn't arise. I'm sure others will chip in on this.


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    Contact sauer mate they will supply you with the glue get it retapped with a larger thread i have the new one and i am sure it is a beter design

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    Hi Traveler, yes had exactly the same problem with one - both threads stripped for the front mount. It went to a gunsmith and they re-tapped it in a larger thread which seemed to be OK.

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    It doesn't necessarily need to be tapped out to a bigger thread, you can get 'helicoil' thread repair kits where the thread is replaced by a spring like insert... Try google and you'll see what I mean. I'm guessing that it'll be a standard metric thread so fixing it should be easy.

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    Std...metric............. sorry but that was the idea behind the SI system but now we have all these speacial pitches that the SI was going to make obsolete. Trouble is the SI sytem is cra--p so we have all these special use pitches.

    Now back to the OP.... .. Yep tapping out to a large size is probably a very good idea as is using the appropriate Loctite on the mounts. Fitting a lightweight scope would also be benificial to reduce the loading on the screws and a lower mount to reduce the enertia under recoil.

    Oh yes and it might be that someone used the wrong screws and so stripped the thread screwing them in . As there are so many special pitches used in the the Metrics and a lot of gun owners are dangerous with a screwdriver/ Allen wrench in the hands.................... voila stripped screws.

    Stalkers want lighter rifles, not a new thing, but sometimes it causes other problems .
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    Not entirely clear but I was under the impression that the OP was talking about the screws for clamping the barrel on, in which case loctite is not such a great idea if you want to switch barrels... And more likely that they're using metric coarse.

    If it is the scope mounts, then yes re-tapping is a better bet, you're not going to get a helicoil small enough.

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    that one of the threads in the reciever for the front mounting block was stripped out.
    Hmmm front mounting block suggests to me that it's the front scope mounting block?

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    Thanks for all the replies. I got the rifle retapped and loctited all the joints (not that they seemed to need it-they were pretty tight after the retapping) and shes now shooting sweet as a nut. Got enthusiasm back for this rifle now and off out to the shed to get a batch of 70grn ballistic tips thrown off for it.

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