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    Does anybody actually see a benefit using an Illuminated Reticle for low light conditions.

    I use a 4a which has thick outer posts and thinner + hairs for foxes at night, they work perfectly well in low light. If I were using a finer + hair then fair enough there could be a benefit. But the trouble is when it's so dark that I can't see the reticle, I can't see the target either. So what is the point in using a super fine reticle and illumination ? Are they just a gimmick ?????????

    Answers on a post card to ;

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    I have it on 2 scopes, it's one of the things that if you've never had it, you don't/never miss it, I would never go back now having had it.

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    In well over 20 years of stalking I can only recall 2 incidents where having an illuminated reticle may have made a difference. The first one just happened to be after calling in one of the biggest Sika stags I have ever seen. By then too dark to see the fine cross-hairs on my 6-24x50 Swarovski (which is now available in illuminated reticles). The other was a similar incident on the way back to the car. Came across 2 does and a huge roebuck against rushes. Again could not make out the crosshairs against his hair.

    I do not think they are a gimmick but in my experience probably never had a real use, as said above, never owned never missed.

    Having said that, just because they are now so readily available, if I ever got a new scope it would probably be with an illuminated reticle.

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    Wouldn`t want to be without it.
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    Yep i am for it.

    Made a difference a handful of times in 20 years stalking ......

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    Tried it before on a cheap scope and hated it. Now I have it on my Swarovski 2-12 and I count on it. Cheap scopes have a lot of light reflecting around inside the tubes and that is distracting. Quality illumination simply gives a bright point in your field of view. Target aquisition is very rapid and the dot allows accurate placement on target animals allowing a very fine crosshair for zeroing and target use. Till you have it you won't need it, once you have it you probably won't go back.
    The red dot on the Swarovski scope is less than one M.O.A when set to a level that is easily visible in daylight.

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    I think longlowdog makes a good point. Illuminated reticules on cheap scopes are less than useless. A friend of mine has an IR on a Leupold VX3, to be honest I don't rate it at all.

    However, on a S&B or a Swaro, the IR is the dogs. Not absolutely necessary, but damn nice to have.

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    My advice is get one, they are very useful in low light conditions.

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    Both my Swarovski's are illuminated and wouldn't buy a scope again without illumination, i even use them on their daylight settings, especially for driven boar, the illuminated dot helps you focus on where your cross hairs are being placed.

    I see Ziess in conjunction with Blaser are now doing a scope that when you put the safety off the illumination comes on, great idea .


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    On quality optics its worth the money and once you have had it there is no going back, get one and you wont regret it !

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