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Thread: Boar hunting in the netherlands

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    Boar hunting in the netherlands

    Hi All

    I Thought I would share one of our swap hunts with you.

    Last February we had two guests from the Netherlands over stalking with us Ruud and Charly great guys and a pleasure to have as guests but that was all covered in a previous write up.

    Any way back to the story Wednesday morning Andy and I flew out of Birmingham airport into Weeze airport in Germany where we were greeted by Ruud and a new friend Michael who we are hoping to do a swap hunt with next year.
    We all had a coffee and a chat and said our goodbyes to Michael then headed off with Ruud to the Netherlands.

    We arrived at Charlys house and met their friends Peter and Hans. Another coffee and then we were off hunting.

    I will tell my side and Andy will have to add his experiences later.

    Andy headed off with Peter and I Charly dropped Ruud and off and we headed to a high seat.
    I just about managed to climb the ladder dressed in about five thermal layers and my new romper suit ( a Deer hunter Rusky suit ) which we bought for the trip. Charly threw a few handfuls of maize on the forest floor in front of the seat and then left us to it.

    We hadnít up the seat that long when the light began to fade and we could hear various sounds which gets the pulse racing . Ruud thought the boar were circling around the feed site checking it out before coming in.
    Eventually we could hear them coming a stick cracked and then running straight to the bait site suddenly they were in front of us.
    There were four or five animals and Ruud said to shoot one of the smaller animals.
    I was still using the Z6i day scope wound down 2x ready for the front mounted night vision we were about to put on just before the boar had arrived. I was looking at the boar through binos ( 8X ) picked one of the smaller ones then swapped to the scope It was in the same position and I could just about make out the head so I put the illuminated dot behind the shoulder and bang chaos boar scattering everywhere.
    We gave it five minutes and got down finding the blood trail and tracking it for about forty yards in an arc and found it in the bushes.
    At that moment I realised I had cocked up I had shot a young sow instead of one of the younger animals. It all turned out ok because she was a young dry sow with no dependants but I still felt I had made a bad mistake.

    I realised what I had done the boar had swapped positions and I had swapped from 8 x binoís to a scope set on 2 x so it looked very small in the scope. ANOTHER LESSON LEARNíT.

    Ruud gralloched the boar and Charly came and picked us up handshakes all round and kind words from Charly reassuring me that it was ok to have shot this animal but I was very aware that I was lucky not to have shot the sow who was the mother of the smaller animals.



    We headed back to Charlys for a few beers and to find out Andy and Peter had also been successful but as I said I will let him share his experiences.

    The next morning we stalked a huge area of forest but despite our hosts best efforts the deer were not moving but thatís hunting.

    Thursday evening we sat for red deer and did see some but unfortunately it was too dark.
    We then went back to Charlys for a bite to eat and a coffee before heading out on boar again.

    Andy headed off with Peter and Charly again dropped Ruud and I off fed the site and left. We were to sit in a hide on the floor made out of a fallen down tree.
    After about twenty minutes we could hear a boar to our right but it didnít come to the feed site.
    Tonight I had the night vision on early there wasnít going to be any mistakes. I was watching a badger feeding on the maize when he whipped his head up before running off.
    A few seconds later we could hear some boar crashing their way to the ride and the maize, then they were there heads down feeding, two sows and about five younger animals. Within a few seconds they were joined by a Keiler from the right, this was probably the animal we could hear earlier he had been waiting for some other animals to come out and see if was safe. Unfortunately keilers were not on our hosts very strict cull plans. Anyway I was busy watching the young animals trying to pick one out in the scope they were so busy I must admit to quite a lot of bad language when trying to get a shot, eventually they one stood still for two seconds and I shattered the silence again with a shot. After recovering from the muzzle flash I could see the young boar on the floor handshakes all round again. When Ruud put the torch on to get out of the hide I then noticed how close the boar had come, only about 20 yards the keiler being the closest, I had been so busy looking through the 2x night vision I thought they were about 60 yards.


    Again we headed back to Charlys and met the others Andy and Peter hadnít got a shot but had a great evening watching a huge Keiler below there seat.

    Friday morning after a very late night and quite a few beers we had a lie in before heading off to Germany for a few hours in a shooting cinema, if you ever get chance to this have a go its excellent. Basically you shoot at a cinema screen of driven game( or what ever scenario you want ) with your own rifle and live ammo and after the shot the screen freezes for a moment with a red dot showing your shot placement. If you look at the second photo I took it as he shot and you can see the red dot. Yes he did hit one
    A good tool for teaching driven techniques but also great fun you soon find your self picking the small fast ones where on a proper hunt I think I might be picking the big Very slow ones.



    Friday evening we were out again sitting for deer and then staying put for boar.

    Andy was off with Peter again and Charly took Ruud and I to another hide on the ground made out off tree branches.
    We were over looking a small grass field/deer lawn surrounded by forest . No deer came but after dark I could see a Red hind and a calf in the trees through the night vision obviously there were off limits after dark. The hind was looking to come out onto the feeding site but eventually moved off instead of coming out and a few minutes later we could see why two huge Keilers came out and began to feed on the maize.

    We watched them for quite a while before Ruud said we would have to scare them off before they ate all the maize. He was just about to do it when I spotted another boar in the trees a smaller animal and after Ruud studied it for a long time he said it was young enough to be in the cull plan.
    So we had a suitable animal but the Keiler wasnít going to let him any where near the feed chasing him back into the trees every time he tried to come out.
    We just had to wait and hope for our chance.

    After a few very pleasurable minutes watching these fantastic animals as close as 30 yards I spotted a sow with three young, perfect cull animals. Luckily the Keiler seem more tolerant of her and they came closer.

    Eventually after lots more bad language one stood still for a second and again the rifle spoke, this time at the huge range of 40 yards.

    After more hand shakes, smiles and a photo session we were loading the boar and the gear when we heard a shot from Andy and Peters direction so sounded good.

    We headed back to Charlys and shortly after we were joined by Andy and Peter who had shot a Roe doe before dark and then a boar after dark. We also had the pleasure of meeting another of our hosts friends Artist and hunter Hans Bulder check out his fantastic paintings at

    So that was our trip over.

    We had a great time and it was very obvious to us how much work our hosts had put in for weeks before our arrival.
    I ended up with three boar and Andy had two and a Roe plus some great experienceís which will last for ever.

    Unfortunately the airlines were beyond our hosts control and due to the accident at Birmingham we had to take a later flight to Stanstead and get a good friend to collect us and take us to Birmingham for our car before driving home.

    We arrived home at 12.30 Sunday morning instead of 12.00 Saturday lunch time after 18 hours of Driving , flying and waiting in airports I was glad to see my bed.

    A big big thanks to Ruud, Charly Peter and Hans for a fantastic trip and I hope we will be hunting together soon.



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    Cracking write up Wayne,
    Well done on the boar, the N.V gear is tricky to estimate range with, so well done and geat pics too. It sounds like you had a very good time over there.

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    The ninjas gone global

    As if the uk boar didnt have enough to worry about now we find out the ninjas gone global

    Is there anywhere on the planet these hairy little devils cant be found and apparently the boar seem to be spreading nicely as well

    Wayne it sounds like you all had a great time but i still dont know how they managed to keep you in a highseat long enough to get a shot off maybe you thought your hosts would never find you again if you went for a wander while wearing your new stealth camo
    Seriously though a great result well done guys

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    Great write up Wayne,sounds like you & Andy had a great time well done mate

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    Nice one lads I set off for Bavaria tomorrow x2 days driven.

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    Well done Wayne, great write up. It sounds as though you had a memorable time and the Dutch boys pulled out all the stops. As I know you will have done for them!

    Did you remember to take a cushion this time? Or is the Rusky padded enough?

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Great write up Wayne.
    Romper suit,hmmmmm,I think you should have kept that to yourself mate.

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    nice write up/pics well done

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    Cheers chaps,

    We did have a great time, as well as being very nice people and now hopefully good friends. The work they had put in before our arrival to ensure our sport was very impressive and I just hope we can do the same when we do it all again.

    Rick o shea and Flytie you guys trying to say I cant sit still very long ??????
    Yes I did take a cushion

    John (YRS), have fun mate.

    John DM, You should have seen what I was wearing under the romper suit .

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    John DM, You should have seen what I was wearing under the romper suit .
    Now that's a mental image I could have lived without

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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