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    Blimey Pete E you are on fire today mate! A great idea, also if other members have risk assessments they could contribute? Environmental Impact Assessments are also getting popular for deer management on Sites of Special Scientific Interest. I have written these out before, I'll dig some out if anyone is interested.

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    I have a risk assessment if anyone wants to put it up as a clicky printy job?

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    Hi All,
    I am presently trying to work out how to get complex documents to appear on the site. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    Thanks Admin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete E
    If David of BASC could add a link to the BASC risk assessment, perhaps thread could be made a "sticky" ? Nobody likes red tape, but it now a part of stalking/shooting and as the other thread demonstrates, its something we all need to get to grips with...
    well done pete great idea

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    Here is the link to the BASC H&S section that has our guidance plus a blank risk assessment sheet.

    The NGO one is perfectly good and yes i think it was by P&F , there is more info on the HSE web site of course- the thing to do is:

    make sure you follow the '5 steps'
    keep it simple
    review it regularly


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