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Thread: Balmaghie Estate contact datails

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    Balmaghie Estate contact datails

    Do they still do deer stalking at the Balmaghie estate in Kirkcudbrightshire. I stalked there 4 years ago. I have lost the contact details and I canít find them on the net, has anyone got their details. PM me please?

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    Was that with Derek Bond by any chance?

    I believe Derek is still in the area and if you need to contact him I think I can help

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    The name rings a bell but Iím not 100% sure. I shot my first deer there, I went up with a pal when he was doing his DCS2 and did a guided stalk.
    A friend of mine is interested in doing a stalk and thatís why I was asking for the details.

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    I think the guy you need to speak to is George Hillock, the owner of the estate. Derek Bond left there quite some time ago under a bit of a cloud from what I can gather. Last contact I had with Balmaghie it was George who was running the show, but I believe he now has (or did have) someone else doing the deer management there.

    Might be worth contacting Barry Thom, I know he had some strong links there at one time, and would probably be able to point you in the right direction.


    (Jelen Deer Services)

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