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Thread: Help required lamping rabbits, must have BASC insurance, own gun and ammo.

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    Help required lamping rabbits, must have BASC insurance, own gun and ammo.

    I am currently a little overrun with rabbits on the land I shoot on and could do with a guy with a shotgun to help me out.

    I shoot the land regularly but the farmer has just taken a new farm on and laid the crops without clearing the rabbits first. He now wants the rabbits getting rid of in a hurry.

    Yes I know...... cart before the horse springs to mind.

    Anyhow, I am based near to Market Harborough and need a guy with BASC insurance, his own shotgun and ammo to come and give me a hand. If you want a 1/2 share of the spoils, thats fine with me.

    I will be using a .22lr for the 50-100yd stationary rabbits but I need a guy with a shotgun for the short range runners.

    If you want to help please PM me.

    I will be out most nights this week and next till the job is done.
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    ....if I didn't live so far away I'd be volunteering like a shot! (no pun intended!!)

    Good luck getting them crop-raiders sorted.
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    Can't believe nobody hasn't jumped on this one

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    Me neither, he did say PM him though ! If it was'nt so far away etc.....sleep is for wimps anyhoo. S W Y D (sleep when your'e dead). A moddied .410 is the boy for this job, very sweet

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    Hi Ade why aren't you in bed ?? I have an excuse I am on nights,shall we take the syndicate up and clear him out.

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    Simples am too far away what with the caring role cannot get away and I don't have BASC insurance....................... mine id from the NGO but he specifically says BASC.

    Then there is the fuel cost. This is not going to be a one night thing and one cannot afford the fuel to travel that far on a regular basis.

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    Fuel costs? Just make your own
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I'm in Kirby Muxloe so Harboro' isn't too far away at all. I'd be happy to help and have both shot gun and BASC Full Membership with its insurance.

    Can come with either conventional side-by-side or something like a Greener GP single barrel.

    Please PM me if you still need that extra hand.

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    Not very often offers like this come along. Would jump at it if I lived closer.

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    cant believe no ones taken this offer.

    i live in london , have gun and basc but unfortunately on call over the weekend. else would have driven up.
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