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Thread: How common are roe triplets?

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    How common are roe triplets?

    Right was out on the shoot on my farm on saturday and there was a doe who had triplets? is this a common or a rare occurrence? all the same it was very nice to see.


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    Got my first triplets on my patch this year and they are the first I've seen. Heard of a few more tho over the years in various parts.

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    Well I first saw triplets about 5 years ago but this year I've seen two different familys with triplets . Like you it's nice to see the roe are doing well.

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    Exceptionally rare I would say but not unknown.
    In all honesty in all the years I have been stalking i have never come across tripletts.
    Your very fortunate to have witnessed such an occurance.

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    We get them quite regular on our patch,got one last year who had three doe kids with her,and was pregnant with triplets!!I see we have another this year with 1 doe and 2 buck kids,the central belt has loads of winter crops,which I think keeps them in good nick,which I think increases the chances?mabye someone will give a more indepth reason.

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    We had this thread a short while back.

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    I have a doe with triplets on my land, infact i had them 50yds from me this morning great to see. DF

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    I know this has been discussed before but it's interesting to hear how widespread this is.
    I've only ever seen one set of triplets in 20+years of stalking. It raises what may be an interesting question which I'll put in another thread(rather than risk hi-jacking this one)

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    Saw a doe last year with surviving triplets and the same again this year we find triplets ln does most winters but l figure the survival rate is quite low.

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    I had 3 sets last year. It seems to be quite common in Suffolk now.

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