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Thread: reloading for .308

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    reloading for .308

    Hi all
    Thinking of reloading 125 nosler ballistic tip for .308w although reloading is not new to me as i reload for my .243. I will be using Sako brass CCI primers and was thinking between Vit N 140/Vit N 150 or RL15 any views would be welcome as would some start & max loads

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    I use N 140 with a 130 missile shoots sweet as a nut, download vhits reloading data that will give you a starting point.

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    I use 125gr Sierra Spitzer over 48gr of H4895, gives 3078fps with ragged one hole groups at 100yds and NO pressure signs.

    Thats in my rifle NOT YOURS



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    HI I use sako cases Vit 140 horady 150 heads cci primmers works great thow my Tikka 308

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    I realise you didn't mention it but I am using H-380 under a Hornady 130 Gr SP and it gives excellent accuracy. Just another to consider with your 125 Gr ballistic Tips.

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    My Stalking mate uses 125grn nosler ballistic tips in his 308 over Varget with very good results. I have used the 165grn nosler ballistic tips in my 30-06, very accurate and would shoot a ragged one hole group at 100yds from my Sauer if did my bit.



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    Interesting thread for me as I have just got a .308. In my three reloading books Varget and Reloader 15 seem to come out on top so it was nice to read about the vaiations available! Thanks.


    Edit, this link makes interesting reading for .308 reloaders;
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    48gr Hg bl-c2 behind a 150gr nosler B-tip. That's a damn fine load in my smokepole.

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    Thanks for that fellow men maybe ladies I will check them out soon and report back out of action at the mo that's why been a member for a while and work gets in way of contacting web but on sick at mo so could get to be a bit of a reg until jan when back in work hope to be sat in high seat soon for fallow if they want to play but won't bore you no more happy hunting chaps

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    Doh!.................... teach me to get the reloading records out when posting the accurate load used BLC-2 in the .308 although i did try some H-380 it did not group as well.

    The H-380 works well in the .270 Win though.

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