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Thread: Pulsar Digisight N550

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    Pulsar Digisight N550

    Its been six months since last bit of info on these, has anyone got any latest pros and cons please,very interested as its about all I want to pay to be honest.

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    Mate I have one, I'll meet up with you if you want a crack on it. Got it on my 10-22, silent and very deadly, almost unfair to be honest. Give me a ring tomorrow.


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    You can't beat trying it out for yourself, so Ade 30-06's offer is by far the best way forward IMHO - clearly a thoroughly nice chap. FWIW, all the magazines have done reviews in the last couple of months and everyone has liked it - see below as an example:

    Pulsar DigiSight N550 Riflescope review | Gear/Equipment TestScopes and Optics Reviews | Gunmart

    It's certainly something I'm considering - it's only the (lack of) magnification that's really holding me back. I currently use a Cobra Merlin attached to my 'day' scope and it's really rather good (and a cheaper option than the above) - the only downside is being set back down the stock, but this is not an issue with R/F. I guess it depends how much night shooting you do and whether you have a gun to dedicate to NV - or it's a load of hassle re-zeroing with each change. The Merlin is on and off in 10 secs with no need to re-zero.....

    There are Gen 2 versions of this around (Archer?) if you want to spend up to your budget. The Merlin outsees the capability of R/F as far as I am concerned - recently used it to good effect on a mate's 270. You pays yer money and you takes yer chance......
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    Ive had limited exposure to both the pulsar and the starlight NV stuff and to be honest, the pulsar doesnt come close to the quality from 'proper' NV. I could see the pulsar would be fine on RF but CF for foxes, i think it would be a bit limiting. The pulsar seems like a jack of all trades.. Obviously the pulsar is around 1/2 the price of any decent NV stuff so i suppose its bound to be a little worse.

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    I used one For a few weeks on a 223 for foxes. I believe that up to about 90m it is fine but after that myself and another shooter really struggled with the scope and not being able to identify anything more than an eye from a fox. We had a lamp with us one night and u could see the foxes as clear as day with the lamp but when using the scope all I could see was the eye. Ideal for a Rimfire but i think just a bit limited on a cf. One night in particular we would have had 4 easy foxes with my day scope and lamp instead we ended up with none.

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    The N550 in it's original configuration is good for 100-120 yards

    Fit an adaptor with a doubler lens and use a good quality IR and it's a different animal.With better image quality and more illumination it transforms it quite a bit.I've easily identified foxes at 200+ with the additions

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    i had one for a week or so and i never really liked the low resolution output image. tbh its way to big for what it is it could be half its size if it was made by a company like Sony but its not.

    i now use a 3400 Gen 3 D760 from America and i have killed every fox i have seen out to 200 but i can see them out to 500-600 possibly more if my fields were longer!

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    bump up, for the intrested n/v queries.

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    I love my digisight. For comparison, i previously owned a D grade gen3 archer and hated it, very heavy, cheaply made with the rubber eyecaps falling off, finicky on off switches for both the unit and laser, the unit power switch actually snapped off in my hand and i have heard this has happened to others!

    I can't fault the digisight, the only initial downside is the x4 mag. I have the add on lense on mine along with the L808 laser and it is superb, clarity is great over a good few 100's of yards. The picture is much better than the crappy archer i had.

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