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Thread: Forster products.. Headspace guages.. Excellent customer support

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    Forster products.. Headspace guages.. Excellent customer support

    Despite it being the postal service who managed to lose my Go Gauge in the post I recieved an E-Mail from Forster Products infoming me a replacement gauge had been shipped yesterday.

    Sadly customer service like this seems to be fading especially here in the UK. The Post Office are in denial of course not their fault the packet was ripped and no one there put the plain white sticky label over the tear and the Green customs label and none of their highly trained Monkies noticed this big white label.

    I will certainly be buying any further guages from Forster and perhaps something else from their line.

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    Its refreshing to read positive customer service feedback like this brithunter, sadly its now the exception rather than the rule these days.

    I have been stocking up on various bits and bobs recently and out of all the retailers I have used, only two deserve praise, and they are Uttings & Macleods of Tain

    I have used Uttings for years now and they have never ever missed a beat, great on returns, replacement or whatever and I will always go to them first when looking for items.

    Through this forum I found MacLeods and once again, they have always been brilliant to deal with, no matter if its 12 or 1200.

    Well done Forster Products


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