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Thread: Moving between police forces - others experience

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    Moving between police forces - others experience

    Chaps (are there any ladies on here?)

    Have sold my house in London, moving temporarily to another property in Gloucestershire whilst we look for a permanent house in Glos or Oxon, going to stay at in-laws in Surrey during the week for commute to the capital.

    Have FAC/SGC and have the legal duty and condition to notify of move. But I don't feel the temporary property (flat) in Glos is secure enough for my firearms and shotguns and think the force will think the same just as I transfer into their area.

    Bit befuddled as to what I can do - does anyone have any experience of this sort of scenario and what things do I need to consider? I want to avoid the chance of having my FAC revoked between forces and also want to keep my firearms safe. Potentially I could transfer from Met to Surrey or Met to Glos; Surrey to Glos, Glos to Oxon all in a year...will this affect conditions too (my shooting habits will not be affected).

    Am standing by...
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    Find a local firearms dealer and get him to store them for you until you find somewhere perminent, when you have done this ring the new police area and ask them what you should do. By doing this you have proved you are trying to keep things legal and safe.

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    Ask for an interview re gun storage at the inlaws. Ask what is required. Act now not during the move. It is easy enough to fix a cabinet to a wall. When u move you then put another in the new house so you have two registered storage points,

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    From the posted experiences of others on here I get the impression that it might be better if you can deal with Glos rather than Surrey - if it pans out that way for you and you can do it legally.

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    This is useful feedback so far, many thanks. Has anyone actually had to do this yet and what was their experience? Especially the interview at the in-laws, where, incidentally, an FAC is already held.
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    In the light of your inlaws....

    Might be wise for someone to speak to Surrey FLO first....

    You might end up living anywhere so you need to "park your guns" not necessarily your FAC, after all you may go back to the MET during the validity of your current FAC. Professional Gypsy at the moment on the job front


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    Ok, an update. An RFD can store the guns in Glos/Oxon area at 60 per month for several guns. Is this good/indifferent costs? For me it sounds safe (no pun intened..), which really is my main concern and takes the worry off the inlaws. They'll be closer too, as I do hate being separated from my kit.

    Smullery - when you say 'park guns', am I able to do that? Just thought that a condition of the FAC was to inform change of address; thoughts appreciated.

    PS Not quite a gypsy, but I can tarmac your drive if you like??
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    If you get your own cabinet at the inlaws, inform the Met that that's now where they are stored (only you have access), then they are parked until you get settled down.
    A conversation with the MET FLO pointing out that you are currently short term renting and moving between Surrey, Glos and working in London (might stay in London ) should maintain the status quo on your FAC until time for renewal.


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    You are correct in your statement that you are obliged to inform your issuing chief of police of any change in your permanent address. Remember that they may try to contact you for some reason and would not be happy bunnies if you had moved without telling them.

    There is no obligation to keep your guns at your address and facilitating their safe storage is your responsibility and choice.

    Bearing the above in mind it seems to me that the simplest course of action would be to store your guns with your convenient RFD and register your address at your in laws.
    When you have bought a new home, wherever it is, whenever it is, you can then notify a change of address.

    Many with nomadic, gipsy lives do just this with the full blessing of their firearms managers. Pals of mine in the forces and other jobs where they move about regularly use parents/in laws addresses as their permanent address.

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    Chaps - as ever, it is always worth asking what seems a stupid question on here. This is very helpful. I think I will move my cabinet(s) to the inlaws and park them there for the time being and will speak with the FET next week and let them know the score. We have a good relationship and will take their advice/steer too.

    Many thanks one and all.
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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