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    Mauser Rifles


    I've been looking at Mauser rifles recently. I very much like the look of the synthetic stocked MO 3 models. However, I am a bit confused about the specification and pricing of them. There doesn't seem to be a website which explains what the different models cost.

    There is a new, right handed MO 3 Extreme in .243 with a wooden stock for sale on guntrader for 1995. There is also a new, left handed MO 3 Extreme in .243 with a synthetic stock on Guntrader, from the same shop, for 2895. I can't work out whether the thousand pound difference is due to the dearer gun being lefthanded, synthetic stock or something different.

    If anyone has a link to a site which lists the models and prices I'd be very grateful for it.

    Also, and I appeciate this is a mine field, where do Mauser's fit in the hierachy of rifle manufacturers. I guess that based on price they should be a bit better than a Sako and perhaps on a par with Blaser and Sauer. I appreciate that this is very subjective but I'd be grateful for your thoughts on the value for money they offer.



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    I did see those but I can't find prices on either of them. I thing Open Season is the importer and the other site is the manufacturers home site. I guess what I need is a retailer who has the models and prices on their site. I'm struggling to find one.



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    Hi Dovebob,

    I can't say much about prices, maybe the left-hand version is dearer than the right-hand. Mauser also do a range of different barrel versions, diameters, weights and lengths. Some of these are priced as extras. As for Mauser's place in the hierarchy, you'll get a solid quality rifle if you go with them. My cousin has an M03 Extreme with standard 8x57 and .300 Win Mag barrels and swears by it. He's shot a good number of roe and boar with it and likes the balance, though the 03 can feel a bit heavy on long stalks/approaches. There is an aluminium receiver 'light' option though. All in all a rugged, easy to maintain rifle.


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    Mauser, Sauer, Sig and Blaser are all made by the same firm and attract buyers looking for higher end off the shelf rifles. Well made and a little different to mainstream, some might say quirky.
    Have a word with Gregor at Macleods of Tain, he normally carries a good stock of them in various calibres

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    I have the M03 extreme in .308. Very nice rifle . I thought the Extreme only came with the plastic stock?

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    Thanks for the replies on this. When the time comes I will give Gregor a ring and see if he can do me a scope and rifle deal.



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    I have just gone for a Mauser M03 in .30-06. The price does vary a fair bit depending on what exactly you want i.e type of barrel, grade of wood or synthetic if you want that type of stock.
    I was lucky enough to go to the importers 'Open Season' and see/choose my rifle which was then sent to the dealer.
    Are they better than Sako ? well as I part ex'd my mint Sako 75 .30-06 in my humble view I guess they are.

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    If you travel then a break down rifle is a bonus. If you want more than one calibre then you have the advantage of familiar handling. Is the Mauser elegant (Blaser), sexy (Sauer), kinky (Merkel) no. Is it robust, does what it says on the tin, yes!

    I have both an Extreme stock and a standard wood stock with barrels in 6.5 x 55 and 9.3 x 62.


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