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Thread: Lumps from ticks

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    Lumps from ticks

    My lab got a few ticks on it at end of september.
    I removed them with a proper removal tool but now where two of the ticks were on its ears lumps have appeared much like zits but with no heads to them and they seem to be getting bigger.
    Is this anything to worry about?

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    One of my Teckels has the same problem on his ear.
    I removed an adult tick in the summer and his ear was V tender for some weeks afterwards with a pronounced lump developing.
    The lump is still there (2 months later) but now much smaller and seemingly no longer painful.
    I presume that a cyst has formed at the site of the tick's removal but the opinion of a more knowledgeable contributor would be helpful.

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    My pooch had 3 in the summer, he had lumps that lasted for around 14-16 weeks before going. They have gone completely now though

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    my spaniel seems to be a magnet for them and gets a lump after each one is removed - they disapear as stated above.

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    If you look carefully after removal, can you see a tine protrudence in the centre of the lump where the tick was burrowed in? If so and in some cases you can feel it, it is possible part or the whole of the head is still burrowed in the skin. I have had this a couple of times and always fired a course of antibiotics into the dog as I suppose what is now left will rot away. I know it is a tiny object but infection can start very easily which I would guess is what causes the tenderness. This is my assumption and not based on any veterinary comment.

    I may well be corrected by better qualified though.

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    my spaniel has a lump aswell underside front of his chest, definetly a tick because i picked the little blighter of there haha

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    Thanks for the info guys, sounds like I should just see if they go down over the next few weeks.

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    I have two Chesapeake brothers, one gets ticks with no lumps after removal at all and the other gets like a Zit for a fortnight after removal... i just pick the tip off the lump and he is OK after. If i leave it the lump stays.

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    my springer/gwp had 2 which when removed left small hard lumps for a couple of weeks never bothered her tho .
    when i removed the ticks i applied a small squirt of that clear hand sanitizer stuff and give it a quick rub to kill any bacteria

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    My Border Terrier has similar results, remove tick with correct tool and lumps for 4-8 weeks afterwards which then disappear.

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