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Thread: Thanks to Wayne Davies

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    Thanks to Wayne Davies

    Cheers for the Evening Roe Stalking, proved to be a good night with 2 Cull Bucks in the bag.

    A good night and good company. Many thanks again for the invite.

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    well done Stu.

    I notice you didn't put a gun in the picture, were they taken with your "tikkaware" or did Wayne lend you a proper gun

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    If there were more like wayne more stalkers would have great oppotunities to try more varied areas and sport, he has helped a lot of people enjoy this sport of ours, well done Wayne.....

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    Dec 2007
    Nairn, Inverness-shire

    The good reliable, go anywhere, shoot anything was there also, just thought the pic without the rifle was better.

    Apollo, couldn't agree more, Wayne is a top block for letting others like me shoot on hs ground.

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    yes apollo wheres my invite on the roe

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    Well done on the Roe Stu, you jammy git! I've been out with Wayne a couple of times and he is a really good bloke. I couldn't make it the other week so Stone went instead and shot a muntjac with my name on it!

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    Well done Stu, and well done to you Wayne


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    you realy are allowed to smile if you want too
    or was wayne threatening you at the time, for enjoying yourelf so much
    he is such a great bloke and willing to help out anyone,
    did he hav a cold ? if he did that was my contribution
    glad you had a brill time

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    Vincy mate i would invite you but we are still feeling our feet on the roe ground and have not had the vibes off the landowners, and as we have the ground through a third party and not off our own ground work we will have to play by ear old mate...

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    Have to say, I known Wayne for a few yrs, and he is one of the best, a great bloke, who will halp someone before he do them a bad turn.
    But !!!!!! there are a few things that should be addressed.
    I do think he should just learn to keep a bit quieter, as you blokes that have been out with him will know doesn`t he go on and on and on, you can`t shut him up sometimes, and thats without a few pints inside him.
    And,,,, He used to lead me astray at the local Agricultural shows, making me, no I will say he most defuinetly forced me to watch all the women walking by, especially the ones with tight tops and large umm errr well I sure you lot know what I mean.
    and Kim, I didn`t want to look realy honestly.
    those were the good shows eh Wayne
    I wont even go into his choice of rifles, plastic pigs just don`t do it for me and I think should be banned, or used as fencing stakes.
    But seriousley, he`s a good un.
    I f there were more like him the shooting world would be better off.
    God I going to have a lie down now, being nice to Wayne, I must be ill

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