Since a few weeks I am trying out my new Kaps binoculars and a Kaps BA 2.5-10x50 hunting scope. I just canít except that there is nothing out there that couldnít compete with S&B. Schmidt scopes seem unique because they combine very good low light glass and are very sturdy.
The Kaps factory is only a few miles next to Schmidt & Bender in Germany and for years I was wondering if Schmidt made the scope bodies for Kaps because shape wise they are similar to the S&B Classic range. Scope dimensions are slightly different and the way the illumination works is also different.
I chose the 2.5-10x50 because Iím sure it is the perfect size for stalking in Ireland. The 10 magnification is easily enough for a 300yd shot at a deer sized target.
Tube is 30mm, first focal plane, weight 585grams and has 8mm clicks. Warrantee is 25 years.

I have no data on how thick the crosshairs are, but compared to non illuminated S&Bís they are much finer. I prefer a fine crosshair if one has illumination as a back up at dusk. On this scope only the tiny dot in the centre is illuminated which I prefer to a lit cross.
Of course I showed the scope around to friends who all seemed astonished about the optical quality. I cannot see any difference at low light to my S&B 3-12x50 Zenith. It seems to handle a bit quicker for some reason. In the last weeks I shot Sika between 20yds to a little over 200m with the scope.
A zero check after 2 outings proved what I already knew, the scope didn't shift a bit.

A sad attempt to take a picture of the sight picture at 2.5 magnification. ( one can even see the moderator)

Attempt at 10 magnification. If the illumination is off, one has a small black dot in the centre.

Rifle zero was easy. Scope tracks perfectly.

The dial in the turrets can be turned to zero setting once the scope is zeroed by opening the two little screws. This is quite handy if one has for example two settings, with moderator and without.

The left Turret is to switch on the illumination. The turret can be turned forward or backward and return to mid it self. Turn back and the illumination switches on to the same intensity as the last time used.
Hold the turret back and the light gets brighter. Turn forward over the mid setting and the dot gets dimmer. Turn the turret forward to the end position and the illumination switches off. It also turns off automatically after 6hrs. Saves the battery. Scope uses a bog standard coin battery that I've even seen in our local Co-op store.

Great glass for these dark fellas.

I am convinced this scope can easily match the best out there and better a few. They are built very robust, great glass and 25 year guarantee. This scope retails around 1189,- Euro, a nice bit below the competition.