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Thread: which hand held GPS system ??

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    which hand held GPS system ??

    hi guys , i was out on my new permission saturday / sunday , its 7000 acres of conifer and mixed woodland , at one point on sunday i became a bit dissoriantated , scary stuff i can tell you,, i was wondering if anyone uses a handheld gps system ? there are plenty of them around 100 ,i am looking for something that i can log points into i e shot beast and start point and be able to retrace my steps back
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    I have a garmin gps 60c. I've used it in many different countries, very straight forward, has everything you need. Never actually used it much to navigate, as a map and compass works fine, but it's a back up if your should be lost. But make sure you put in your start point. I was walking in wales a while ago, a chap approached me lost stating he couldn't use his gps. He had no map and compass*and haven't even put his start point in the gps, as much use as a chocolate tea pot if you can't use it.*

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    If you can stretch to it the Garmin Oregon 550T has an onboard camera which allows you to 'Geotag' pics of shot beasts, runs, points of interest etc. and build up a history of places. Also takes the GB Discovery OS mapping SD cards, so you can view in detail down to quite small scaling.

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    I have one of these <<Click Me>>

    I have another brand new in a box if your interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock View Post
    I have one of these <<Click Me>>

    I have another brand new in a box if your interested.

    Thanks guys. TJ text me details ( canny answer phone at work ). 07854 325930.

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    If you have an iPhone (or one of the other top end smart phones) can I suggest Memory Map (free on iPhone, just buy maps by the sqKM) you can download OS 1:25k Explorer maps and the accuracy and detail is incredible. Does everything you need it to do without having to carry multiple devices.


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    I have a gamin 60cs with the os maps in it for the areas where I use it. Handheld gps units seem to be fashion items for the out door "we do dangerous sports" folks so you can often get end of line deals when a new model comes out. Garmin have released a replacement for the 60csx model and they Are being sold as run outs. Worth a look. For me worth the money but as said does not replace a brain.

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    try york gun special price on a good model garmin

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    if you have a mobile phone with gps and an android operating system you can download is free and comes with instructions to make your own maps [dont ask exactly how it works but it does]. i used it recently around Perth and it was great as a free app.


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    Garmin GPSmap 60 Cx for me, has never let me down, even after a few of years bolted to
    various motorcycles, quads and cars, full navigation and routing plus all the off road features you will ever need.
    If you want a built in electronic compass that works even when you are not moving them the
    GPSmap 60CSx is the one to get, even has a built in altimeter, althought the standard one gives
    you rough idea based on satellite positions.

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