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Thread: Learning curve

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    Learning curve

    Was out again this morning after roe does.

    Spotted 9 deer, 6 of which saw/heard/smelled me first so white backside time.

    Finally managed to get one in the cross hairs but she continued walking up the valley then stopped broadside on about 80yds away. Right on the bloomin skyline. She wandered off over the top so I continued on.

    Bumped another couple of does on the other side of the valley.

    Reached a nice looking glade so sat down for a while. 5 mins later spotted some movement below to the right. Gun up, covers of the scope, crosshairs on number one...buck, crosshairs on number 2..buck.

    Now I'll just have to go out again tomorrow and be quieter.
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    Dont worry limulus, when the buck season starts you will see all the does you have on your ground thats hunting

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    That learning curve is just like having a free pass on the best rollercoaster in existence.
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    IQuieter slower and scan 10x more and you might just be going a little to fast Thats what makes stalking fun.

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    I was told many years ago by wise old stalker walk a little look a lot
    if it makes you sweat your going too fast
    if your breathing hard or out of breath your going too fast.
    learn to walk quietly some people just put their feet down too hard
    When you arelike me youll understand now I am theI understand.

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    Always the way mate! Out after the bucks in Aug, saw 14, had crosshairs on five all doe's. One I could of shot hundred times over stalked in to within twenty five feet. All good practice for the ones that can be shot!

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    During the last week of the stags in Scotland - you generally have easier stalking but there's always that niggle at the back of the mind about some 'heads' you would have liked to get hold-of, but for some reason evaded you.

    Not to worry. Drive across the hill road on the 21st Oct and they will be there on parade idly watching you whilst they chew the cud from fifty yards away as you drive past ! (Something like the term - 'Fatherless sons' - springs to mind ). They seem to know that the simple click from the last second of the 20th., past midnight into the 21st. makes all the difference.

    You learn to grin and shrug. Thank goodness we can't win them all or stalking would become boring. As long as stalking outings remain educational - then only a portion of the day's worth is lost.
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    Well I'm off to the Inverness area next sunday for 3 days on sika, red and roe.

    To say I'm looking forward to it would be like the mayor of hiroshima saying 'ooooh, thats a bit bright!'
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