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Thread: R8 Ring mount or Rail ??

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    R8 Ring mount or Rail ??

    Well its decided, Iv ordered my new R8 !
    Question is, what mount is best, Blaser ring mount or there rail mount ?
    Which is best ?
    I understand the flexibility in the ring mount, as any scope will go on.
    All advice will be helpful.

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    The rail mount is very good, but you loose the flexibility to move a scope to another rifle, if that is important. The other issue is that scope with rail mounts have a lower resale in this country.

    Offer up a Swaro with a 30mm tube, or the same scope with a rail, you will get very few takers for the rail scope.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks Brian.

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    You are going for the "Elegant" look of the R8 and would consider an inelegant mount?


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    Rail mount is the better option but as has been pointed out is the less flexible option.

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    Technically better, but then so is a Katyusha Rocket launcher in getting a kill at long range.

    A rifle with the looks of an R8 doesn't need Wayne Rooney's help.


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    Although the rail is more popular on the continent I can't see it escalating to great heights in the UK and railed scopes remain something of "one offs" in comparison to how many conventional ring scopes are sold every week.Think resale as the other replies have said

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