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Thread: Am i loosing it!!!!!

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    Am i loosing it!!!!!

    The first free day I've had in ages was today, how about taking a doe for myself I thought, park my arse in a high seat and relax.
    Till I looked out of the window....... friggin brrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Still wrap up I thought, then the wind chill hit me, along with the driving snow, nope no high seat today, instead I decided to sit in the tattooists chair and get something done i've been meaning to get around to for ages.
    A few years ago I would have taken the high seat any day!!
    Am I getting wise or loosing it chaps?

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    If you had a tottoo of the tattooists chair in a snow storm the answer would be, YES !

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    i got a picture of a roebucks head somewhere im going to have done one day and yes you are losing the plot lol wheres the piccies

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    depends what the tattoo was!

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    Hard decision because i like both to,but i think the tattoo would have come second and waited for the rainy day.

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    Two hours tattoo pain, two hours chill factor, not a lot of difference love em both. If you had your priorities right you would freeze your ????????????? in the high seat and then you would not feel the pain in the chair. Or just another thought, tat first numb your ?????????????? and then sit in high seat.


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    You had your ?????????cks tatooed

    You will be joining the RSPB for cheap insurance next


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    Are you the "puff the magic dragon tattoo "man ?

    google that & then tell me you'd rather have a tattoo than sit in a high seat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waldy View Post
    Are you the "puff the magic dragon tattoo "man ?

    google that & then tell me you'd rather have a tattoo than sit in a high seat


    Why are you trying to corrupt my young mind with a picture of a tattooed K**b arghhhhhh

    Im going for the high seat this afternoon, much less painfull

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