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    We made the ST

    Well the poaching around here has gotten so bad that its even made headlines in the Shooting Times.
    In the last fortnight I have heard of 2 lots of deer being hung up in trees for collection later and one of my best permissions had a fallow does head just tossed into a fishing pond (not by me). The police are trying but only on a station by station basis so you only have to travel about 15 miles before you are "off patch" and depending on different officers and attitudes.
    They need to catch the *******s who are buying the venison first and then they might make headway.
    20 years ago fallow were something of a rarity around here very soon they will be again.

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    It is like any thing stop the money sellers and you will stop the crime so who are the criminals the poachers or the buyers. Same problem happens in africa on a differnt scale and the buyers get away with it and the poachers get shot. Drugs are the same the money men get away with it.

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    sing it again" wildlife crime is second only to drugs worldwide"but try and convince farmers and country dwellers that if you could then police could do some good and laws would be changed.

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    The laws are already in place, the police, on the whole are not interested, they find it easier to arrest and fine motorists than actually do POLICE WORK as we understand it !

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    we get it down with us dog boys park in lay by on duel carrageway chase deer up very steep hill with dogs into forest not very lucky though unless deer get hung up on fence line just seems to mess thing up for the highseat also next land over tossers put uo nets on a path caught two buck yealing and older Buck both had to be shot

    Paul d

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