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Thread: Top excuses to not go stalking

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    Top excuses to not go stalking

    For the older of us who have been doing it for years and no pressure.

    1 I never shoot a deer till at least an hour after dawn, no rush,fall asleep again.

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    2. Ah, it's frosty........They'll not be out til later on. Click - .

    3. Ah, a full moon........No point going out this morning as they'll have been out feeding all night and will be tucked up in the woods by now. Click - .

    4. Ah, a NorthEasterly wind........Nothing will be out today. Click - .

    This is often followed by....
    Ohh, can we go shopping today then dearest?
    Which obviously leads to a revision of excuses, rifle out, car packed, Gone!

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    I don't have any excuses not to go stalking, the Reason I choose not to go stalking on all my "Off" time is I don't want a divorce!!!!

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Top excuses... Not to go stalking!!!..........Why?

    But if you insist.

    1) I'm dead.
    2) I'm off shooting something else today.
    3) I'm fishing today
    4) Heaven forbid... I'm actually making some money so I can go stalking. Or...
    5) I'm engaged in something other than stalking, which I really cannot avoid (but I'd probably rather be stalking)
    6) I could go stalking today but ... I've broken or lost at least two limbs, eyes or other body parts such that stalking would be just too challenging, till I learn how to work around such a problem.

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    Hy guys I,m not the one who makes excuses I have had more than one divorce becouse of my passion for shooting.will be out game shooting tomorrow then up to bonnie Scotland sunday for a week hill stalking depending on when I get back game on sat does on sunday unfortunatly will have to work monday & tues game on wed etc. life is short so is money but I intend to get as much as possible.

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    Ahhhh, I know who you are now!

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    'I have Nigella Lawson tied to the bed with a large jar of runny honey and Eva Mendes on standy. I don't intend to go stalking for a week'

    Anything less than that is a poor show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaitsev View Post
    'I have Nigella Lawson tied to the bed with a large jar of runny honey and Eva Mendes on standy. I don't intend to go stalking for a week'

    Anything less than that is a poor show!
    thats the worst excuse ever ....take them both stalking

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    REASON #1 - sorry I'm shooting boar

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    top excuses,

    its raining
    its windy
    its cold
    the grass has frost on it
    the fields been ploughed
    there is sheep in the field
    its too far
    someone was there yesterday
    i haven't seen any there before

    need i go on.

    atb f.

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