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Thread: 8 x 56 Schmidt & Bender

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    8 x 56 Schmidt & Bender

    8 x 56 Schmidt & Bender For Sale
    1" tube, Hungarian assembled, boxed with G'tee card (not completed) good condition, glass perfect, was mounted in optilocks, seen here in Badger Mount which is NOT included.
    SOLD to rodkayak

    6x 42 S&B, 26mm tube, Hungarian, boxed,

    G'tee card,(not completed), good condition,
    SOLD thanks

    will post pics when I have taken some.

    and also an

    8 x 56 S&B West German

    1" I think, its heavier than the Hungarian 8x56, not sure if its cos' its steel, away at York Guns going to S&B for service & re-gas under warranty, no box should be available 2nd week of January.
    SOLD to quiteman pending usual

    PM for more details, more pics
    cheers FlyBoy270
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    seen - Wanted: Schmidt and Bender 8x56 ?

    quite a market - maybe you should up your price....!!
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    Too cheap you think ?

    I have a good offer of a PMII so its swings and roundabouts I guess

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    I would really recommend this seller to any prospective buyer. He was messed around by a timewaster, yet was very honourable in giving the timewaster time to reply and commit to his promise of purchase. He offered to give me free rings and was very helpful and generous with his time regarding advice.

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    May have pm11 5-25x56 p3l rec second focal plain double turn if your interested

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