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Thread: Nikon IRT Laser Rangefinding Scope brand new

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    Nikon IRT Laser Rangefinding Scope brand new

    I was bought this a few months back, its brand new in the box, un mounted. A bargain for someone , with all the accessories. 495- secure postage 10

    RRP 700 & over !!

    pm for more details
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    Have you tried it out, I was wondering what they were like for stalking, is it very heavy compared to a normal scope looked at the specs and said 23 oz plus battery.
    The thought of a range finding scope seems an idea I like in theory but wondered why you decided to part with it?
    Genuinely interested, after using a friends range finding binos in NZ early this year they were really useful, but would like to know of any limitations to a scope.
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    I bought 1 in the US last year & use it on a 6.5 swede fon a large stalking ground, which spans a large valley, across fir tree tops, it is so hard to judge the distance as using a quad for collection, takes minutes to the other side, but as the crow flies 460-670 some yard, so i found it very useful, weight want an issue, i used a pod or sticks or wall top, to get real steady if over 100 yard. The reason it on sale, i have 2 . with a single press of the button it give you distance, & calculates your p.o.i in seconds,if further,( say zero'd @ 300yd , but shooting 500)

    sorry for delay in reply, please pm, i see the flash up better.

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    price for quick sale 475 no offers

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    What Rifle do you use with this scope and what mounts are there. I have a SAKO 75.

    Am Interested.


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    sale pending. Thank you
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    Hello, Is this sold? if not, I'm interested.

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