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  • Hot for speed

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  • Accuracy is everything

    29 52.73%
  • Just for fun

    1 1.82%
  • To save money

    7 12.73%
  • Load em slow to save my barrel

    0 0%
  • a bit of all or something else

    17 30.91%
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Thread: what sort of reloader are you?

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    what sort of reloader are you?

    answers please, but no criticism of others.

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    I cannot aswer by the poll as it varies depending on what I am loading for. If I am loading for an antique/collectable at the back of my mind is to cause as little wear as possible to an unreplacable barrel. If I am shooting with one fo the target rifles precision must be to the fore and for stalking it must be a balancing act for precision and power. Then there is the quest for the best load I can develop precision wise in a particular rifle. I wear many hats .

    Cost is more and more a factor with the ripp off prices here so that comes into the equation at an increasing rate.

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    I started for accuracy. I think the cheapness of reloading has gone out of the window with the availability of Privi Partizan ammunition. So accuracy it still is.

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    Accuracy is everything, I like to have confidence in my shots and it's always nice to know that the bullet that just put the deer / fox down was loaded by me. (like digging your own bait for fishing I suppose) Cost is an issue but like flytie says the cost of privi is so low that you don't save anything.

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    My main driver was consistency and supply. The shop would have a different brand (if they had any at all) every time I went in there. Making my own I have more control over the availability with the added bonus of accuracy and consistency.


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    I really load my own for accuracy... this comes at the hot end though. Hot is a bi product - not my aim.

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    Accuracy for me aswell.


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    Accuracy and killing from a selected bullet and powder. Price at one time, and a reliable supply a long way from any gunshop who might not have what you require. I think that confidence in the cartridge goes a long way. It's like tying a fishing fly at your desk - it's tailored to meet personal requirements.
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    A satisfied reloader!......................................... ........................................... For now anyways!
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    Started for the non availability in Norfolk of center-fire bullets, you had little choice and had to wait ages 25 years ago, now I do it for the consistency and adaptability of loads to specific rifles I have, but get a kick from making a load for exactly what I want it for, either top end for Africa or downloaded for woodland stalking. I enjoy making things that I use for my hobbies from reloads, or a muzzle brake, to knives to whatever I need for stalking, if I can make something rather than buy it, I will. deerwarden

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