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    Your advice/views

    Hello All,

    What is the general view/law on placing out food stuffs for deer on land when snow is thick on the ground. This is not for bating just a little help when grazing is thin.



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    good for you mate and no reason why not.
    make sure though that none of your mates are coming on after you and shoot them or your neighbours.

    if the snow is bad i would also feed them as they need some help sometimes
    feeding them to lure them in for shooting is imho unsporting...


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    I would be happy to quad up the hill a ways to chuck out some sustenance.
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    i would suggest you try only putting out a molasses licks for your deer around your ground, the sugars in the lick can combine with the relatively low energy value of grass at this time to help them come through the winter in better condition.
    By providing a lick the deer still require to move about and graze. The last thing you want to do is to supply all of their feed intake as that will stop them from foraging and they can stand about and starve while waiting for you to bring food .
    Although deer have very little in the way of fat reserves to fall back on remember they also go through a period of inappetance in the winter so in hard weather try not to harass them as they burn reserves they cant readily replace.

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    Baiting is, I think, illegal under the Wlidlife and Countryside act except for crop protection under general licence. Preventing starvation seems humane.
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    A cattle salt lick and a molasses block. Deer reduce their food dependence a bit in winter and absorb some of their body fat to keep them going. Shelter is important. Dry cold does not hurt but a wet back wears the goodness out of them - especially if they are exposed to wind chill as well.
    Too much pushing them about creates stress and loss of condition and although it seems harsh - they DO need to be as self-reliant as possible.
    pitiliedon has it right.

    Watch the molasses block - small birds can get trapped by the feet and will become slowly immersed - despite the fact that the blocks appear pretty solid.
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