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Thread: Leica Rangefinder

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    Leica Rangefinder

    Lo all,

    Looking for a Leica rangefinder crf / lrf / 800 / 900

    If you have one going drop me a PM with your model & asking price etc.



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    LRF 1200 SCAN is miles better and worth the extra few quid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    LRF 1200 SCAN is miles better and worth the extra few quid?

    there are some on guntrader, second hand but very pricy.

    second hand ones are like rocking horse poo,


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    Which tells us that buyers are very happy with them.. the scan feature is worth its weight in Northern Rock shares.

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    I just got one S/H, it knocks spots off any leupold or bushnell that ive had before..

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    Aye they are the preverbial rocking horse sheeite 2nd hand

    Missed out on one on ebay recently - LRF900 Scan went for 150, was watching a LRF800 on just now and its currently reaching 333.

    They obviously hold their price for a reason but don't ask you dont get eh


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    yep,i got the lrf 900 for 150 mint as well,well chuffed!!

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    Thought I'd best update the thread as I picked up a LRF 900 Scan on eBay

    Thanks for the PM's etc though folks, much appreciated


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