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Thread: First Snow

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    First Snow

    Out this morning on the first snow the estate looked special and the deer while not showing to well did show in the end and a nice doe was in the larder.

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    you got about the same as us there mate, we will be out monday and im sure it will be gone by then

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    Got the same down my way 6pointer

    I was out Hind stalking in Perthshire yesterday and it was a beautiful day, above the tree line it was raw but clear & nae snow.

    Was warm in the sun when we got into the open though

    However, back at home, I woke up this morning and there was a good covering of snow, still bloody freezing though.

    This was out game shoot today, heading into Woodcock ground:

    Sun going down as well as the temperature:

    Hard day but a lovely walk . Small bag but thankfully we aint all about numbers
    5 Pheasants and 1 woodcock, could have been 2 but I wasn’t on form…nothing new there …

    Those new Zippo handwarmers are on the xmas list......

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    This snow is hampering me getting up to Perth, looks like it may by Tuesday at before I get there..not impressed.
    Looking at those photos, it seems that you havent had the snow so bad..yet.


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    It has arrived this morning with a vengance. Just finishing this coffee and out with the shovel. West Lothian is white and Perth seems to have more than us,

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    The pheasants in my garden are not too impressed by it, they are flying in to feed,

    and it looks as if it is about to start again.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    ....And here in Aberdeen its more like the Alps. I cleared snow yesterday and another 10cm has fallen in the night and we have more forcast and its only November. I will not bother clearing any more snow...........

    Last year the main fall of snow came a little beore Christmas in Aberdeen so I rather gather we could be in for a repeat performance.

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    Jay, funny how the cease fire comes into play, further down the road you wouldn't get a chance!
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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    North Lanarkshire was like this at approx 10am, it did clear briefly which was just as well as we spent 30 odd minutes prone, waiting for a Doe and her kid to stand up.

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    We had a bit of dusting on one of of our estates in Herefordshire, quite pretty but a bit cold on the ears fetching this fallow fawn with the quad.


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