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    Went for petrol near my home before, spotted an army surplus on a small industrial estate that Ive never noticed before. I got two coats( one smock and a heavy fleece lined number), a camo all in one, three jumpers and two fleeces. All clean and usuable and got change from fifty quid!

    Bargain me thinks.

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    My son used to do things like that on a visit to the Moy games, but now he's earning and spending his own money he's much more prudent with his money.
    Were both Scotsmen, before you say it !

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    Where abouts is the shop then?

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    next to ormskirk fire station check out the website:

    a lot of sh*t in there but some decent stuff to be had aswell.

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    I have a pair of these brilliant and keeps the ticks of my body, slightly different than piccy as zip dosent go down each leg as photo but cotton polyester heavy dpm is very hard wearing.

    I notice they are out of stock though at the moment.

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    Looks like it may be worth a trip, its not too far from us.
    Thanks for that.


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    I've been using an army surplus windproof smock since August and have been very impressed despite it costing me very little. As I've related elsewhere I have also found that by using the wash in waterproofing for cotton it really is much more waterproof than I expected and in fact it has not leaked on me yet. I bought a 2nd one for a friend who spends a lot of time out and about and on the quad and so far he has been impressed as well. It might not be the best jacket on earth but in terms of value for money it is unbeatable.

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    been using them for a while great bit of kit when new they are great for beading of water, not as good once they have been washed but a nice quiet camo outer shell.


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    Maybe i bought the last one, thats what I picked up today

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