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Thread: Binoculars, can anyone help

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    Binoculars, can anyone help

    I was given a set of binoculars by my late father-in-law before he past away last year. He gave them to me due to my fondness of the 'great outdoors'. they where his fathers which were given to him on his retirement from the Berkley estate in Gloucestershire in 1974.
    They are german made Binoctem 7x50 with carl zeiss of jena glass. They are very good optics, so i would like to protect them a bit more.
    Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere i can get some decent lens covers and rubber eye pieces. They have a leather strap which i would like to replace with a padded one.
    I also have the original leather case with an engraved plate on the inside, which is a nice touch.
    As you might tell these are of great sentimental value to me, so i would be gateful if anyone can help

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