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Thread: Stalking in snow.

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    Stalking in snow.


    Any tips, do's and don't for stalking in the snow and ice??
    I was making far to much noise this morning.



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    Stlaking in conditions were noise is a problem for me means rap well up and and get to a vantage point and wait .The deer will move sooner or later.

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    Get yourself bunked down in a ground box at a known crossing point from ride to ride or copse, wait for them to come out to play or are in transient to their feeding areas.This is where your fieldcraft and observations skills are put to the test. You stand no chance otherwise you may as well carry a dustbin and a big stick to bang it with.

    You stand a bit of a chance on fresh fallen snow but once its been frozen trying to stalk you have no chance.
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    First thing is watch yor muzzle, keep it clear of snow and be safe!! No heroics in vehicles.

    Depends on the depth and terrain, like all stalking knowing the terrain and habits of your deer will put you in good stead.

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    I always favour a crossing point, no matter what the weather, let them do the walking!
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    Last year when I had my own bit, I found that stalking in the snow was relatively easy. The times I went up, there was not much wind but what was happening every 20-30 seconds was the snow was that heavy on the branches that it would give way under it's own weight and the snow would fall to the ground, with a reasonable thud also falling through the branches on the way down. I found that the deer were used to this noise and therefor gave me the advantage to stalk in closer once I had spotted a deer. I also wore a snow suit.

    Infact, I was stalking into a Doe with Doe kid and snow fell onto me when I was about 50m away and the Doe did not run, what spooked her was my brother pi****g himself laughing at me trying to control my emotions with a fair dollop of snow down my back.

    The snow was still powder at this point, it had not had the chance to start to thaw and then freeze, I'd imagine that would have been a fair bit harder.

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    Stu, I'm fairly sure we all know how quick snow can materialise from no where, I have an old white ski smock that lives behind the seats in the truck!
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    Thanks all, Think i might sit it out in the truck tomorrow as there very used to vehicles( permission is a massive plantation)
    And let them come to me.


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    Just be careful shooting them out of the truck as they are not long before they will be as wary of cars as they are or people and that isn't a good thing. I'd make the effort to sit somewhere other than in the truck if i'm going to shoot them.

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    If snow is fresh and unfrozen if you can try to shuffle your feet rather than stepping you can avoid or minimise the crump! crump!
    If frozen and crunchy you can get away with going slow into the wind, as long as there is a fair blow, to take the noise away . if the airs still wrap -up and sit for them until your so cold your" half the man "you were when you started then pack it in.

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