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Thread: Head and Medal mounting

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    Head and Medal mounting

    Just got my first decent head back from being measured and it's got a silver medal with it

    I'm going to mount it on a shield but would like advice as to where the medal should be mounted, above or below on the shield?

    Thanks in advance

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    I would sugest below,

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    Cheers folks.
    Got our joiner on the case now.

    Wouldn't buy from Bushwear ever again

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    I got mine from widowson he might be worth a call

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    in the toilet where no one can see it................................................

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    I've got mine hanging like the one shown in your first post, with the skull cut, long nose, mounted on a shield.
    It is easier to take off now and again to show anybody that shows interest.
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    Dont hang it in the toilet unless you send a lot of time there if you are proud display it were every one can see.

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