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Thread: Big hello from dorset

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    Big hello from dorset

    Hi Everyone
    Ive been intrested in country persuits for as long as i can remember. I've been stalking for about 4 years with a very good friend of mine who has been stalking for 25 years. I also have a love for training gundogs.

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    hi lukejr

    Where abouts in Dorset are you?

    I live near Poole..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Another Dorset lad, ideal stuff! I'm from near wimborne.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsetvetstudent View Post
    Another Dorset lad, ideal stuff! I'm from near wimborne.


    Well my best pal here in Germany is also a vet/stalker aged 45 he has just added a gunroom to his renovated farmhouse it makes the mouth water to see the collection.
    Another mate (godfather to his son) lives in Gillingham Dorset so I get there once a year.
    Welcome to the best stalking site.

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    Hi Terry
    I'm based in Bridport. I try to stalk as much as possible also am semi involved in 2 small phesant shoots. Used to work
    for Morrish Builders From that way.


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    Hi Luke I too am based in Dorset, near Wimborne..

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    Hi guys,
    I too am a Dorset lad, Shaftesbury to be precise. I have just passed my DSC1 and am keen to get out and get as much experience under my belt in prep for level 2. I'm about to apply for my FAC but would be more than hapy to accompany anyone and help out in any way.

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    Hi Scoobs, similar situation to me then, currently applying for my FAC.

    Should organism a Dorset meetup somewhen.



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