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Thread: 2nd hand Blaser R93 Attache case- 1 or 2 barrels

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    2nd hand Blaser R93 Attache case- 1 or 2 barrels

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a 2nd hand Blaser R93 attache case- either the 1 or 2 barrel version. Anyone have one hanging around?!

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    Hi Rothers
    check this link is this what your looking for


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    Might be worth giving Paul at global rifles a call, I know he had some new ones for sale at sensible prices. I think his website is called sniper systems or something similar, but google should be able to help.

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    another one on Ebay at the moment

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    That's strange, it appears to be the same one.
    I have just bought one for my new Blaser, I got it for 250.00 and that was from the same dealer as I bought the rifle !!
    Have you considered the Napier 'breakdown' shotgun case.
    I used one of them for a while and found it very good.
    In fact I have a new Napier case, still unused I'd be willing to let go for 50.
    It was bought to replace the one I was using but then I decided to go the whole hog and replace the rifle and the case complete.
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    I have since found out the E Bay seller has a few and I have since bought one from him.
    They are the dogs danglies, proper job, brand new and and at his price, a lot less than the usual dealers price - even if you buy a rifle at the same time !!!!

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