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    New bloke

    Hi Folks,

    Tried to get on the forum a while back but computers ain't as infallible as they make out! Was out for stroll with Varmint243 the other night and he said the forum was up and running OK - so here I am.

    Been shooting rifles since I was 13 (a looooong time ago!). Got into stalking about 8 years ago courtesy of a very nice New Zealand bloke who lived hereabouts (North Herefordshire) who also put me through DSC 1 & 2. Started with a CZ 550 in 243, with S&B 6x42 and Norma 100grn soft points. Recently acquired a Tikka 595 in .308 - cos the pigs are across the river and coming this way!

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    welcome aboard bandit country,
    i too also did my DSC1 with a very nice NZ fella from herefordshire way
    i can only assume he is the same as pete has metioned

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    bandit country eh, heard these bandits are a bit vicious. more like dualing banjo's where we are.
    catch up later.

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    Yep, the very, very, very, very nice man was indeed Blue T. Consumed a number of excellent post-stalk breakfasts at his place. Sorry to see him go back to NZ, but from what I heard about cost of living etc a sensible decision for him to make.

    As for dualing banjo's Jon, I couldn't possibly comment - I might end up with a burning cross on the lawn!

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    Hi Bandit,
    welcome aboard.

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    Hi Bandit,
    I'm glad to see that you managed finally to get on the site. Computers are a bloody nightmare!

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