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Thread: Boar this weekend.

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    Boar this weekend.

    Got out of bed on Sunday morning to yet more snow, the car was covered again and the road was an absolute nightmare, so I was about to bottle it and cancel the trip up to see Solwaystalker. The call was not made, I had been looking forward to this for so long. The shovel came out of the shed, an hour later the car was dug out with two narrow tracks that let me get up to main road. Got the gear loaded and a big flask of tea, plenty of food and a shovel in the back and off I went. My idea was that if I could get as far as Hexham it would be easy from then on. I was right, don't know what all the fuss was about!
    I met up with Colin, we checked zero on our rifles and I familiarised myself with his N.V/scope combi. Then off we went to get settled in the high seat. Well wrapped up as the temperature was dropping rapidly.
    As the night drew in I swapped rifles with colin so that I could use his NV scope, and not long after that the first visitor came calling, the heart was thumping but it was only a badger, still it gets the senses focussed eh?
    I don't know how long after that it was but the cold had just started biting when a group of three grunters came straight in with very little warning of their approach. As they jostled for position I had selected a nice "eating" sized boar that was confirmed as OK by Colin. Lined up nicely behind the shoulder on a slight forward angle so allowing a couple of inches to ensure a good line through the boiler room and the night time silence was shattered by the .308 dropping the boar on the spot. A bit of a kick and a twitch and the calm, quiet night returned as we shook hands and sat for a wee while before climbing down to inspect the boar.
    I was delighted to see the shot placement was where I had described to Colin. A quick tickle with Knife made it a few Kilos lighter and we dragged it back to the motor.
    Not a large beast by any means, neither was it the largest of the three that I saw but it was in great condition and is now residing, well most of it is, in my freezer. The back straps are are in the fridge and they will be providing a nice meal tonight, none of that hanging it nonsense! just haven't got the patience for that!
    Got to bed at about 3.00 this morning after the cleaning of rifle and butchering and I am now at work, once again shining the ar*e of my trousers on my seat and drinking coffee and thinking of when I can get out again.
    My sincere thanks to Colin for great outing, hope to be back up soon.
    As soon as a find the lead for my phone I will pop a picture up.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Congratulations Pete and Colin..

    Great result

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Great stuff Pete , get some pics up . I cant wait either til my next boar , very addictive ..

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    Very addictive indeed Mark, Glad you got one too bud.
    It is strange how it can be so different from deerstalking, buggers don't like standing still for long do they?

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    A good result Pete have just thawed out, bore looks tiny in
    picture beside you
    hope the weather changes before my next outing

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    Cheers for that Terry.

    Colin, I think you are going to have to send me the Pic! Think my phone lead has been hijacked by the kids, though of course they have "not even seen it for days!"

    It was good trip Colin, thank you again. Looking forward to the return.



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