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Thread: match / target bullets for .25-06

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    match / target bullets for .25-06

    hi peeps

    right i have decided i need to be firing a lot more rounds to keep my hand in what with work young family etc blah blah blah

    im looking for a more cost effective solution at "paper/plinking"

    i know nowt about match/target heads other than headr of a brand called A-max

    believe i cant get em in 25cal

    looking for 25 cal (100grn) and .22-250 ( 50grn ) match heads for paper punching can anyone recommend any brands and where to get em from? i believe they can be posted direct coz they are match????

    any advice on match heads appreciated

    i have a custom rifle here that i should be out using a lot more than i should be!!!


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    Sierra make a 100 grain HPBT Matchking BULLET and Berger make a 87 grain HP Match BULLET only two match BULLETS that as far as I know are available

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    For practice and plinking you should buy the cheapest, most plentiful bullets you can find and shoot the dickens out of them. Paper and plinking: Why use match bullets at all?? I use lead bullets for practice. It's al sight alignment and trigger control, right?~Muir

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    hi muir

    problem over here as you probably know is cost!!!

    it appears (i could be wrong thats why im asking here) that match bullets are

    1) cheaper
    2) dont need to be bought face to face to fulfill our licensing laws so i could get em mail order

    where i live, even tho im surrounded by shooting estates ..there is a severe shortage of gunshops which arent complete bar stewards that i refuse to use
    ( spends hundreds in his store then they try to take your permissions from you behind your back)

    or hardly have anything you want in stock and wont get it or takes months which is as much use as tits on a bull!!!

    i have bought some privi partizan factory ammo but again it cost more than normal due to courier/postage because my local shops wont stock it as they fear its money sitting on a shelf that no one will buy. but i insisted and he got what i wanted in

    either way its a pain in the ass getting what i want myself from what amounts to no more than "green wellie shops"

    sauer /paul

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    In my limited experience with my .243 I have found berger bullets to be fantastic.

    They are very consistent in dimensions and weight and I have found them to be the most accurate bullet in my rifle.

    There seems to be a common trend to sit them close to or set into the lands for best results.

    I get sub 1" groups @ 200yds in a factory rifle with them.

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    cheers guys
    for the advice / info


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