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Thread: Sako Quad Varmint Walnut - 17HMR

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    Sako Quad Varmint Walnut - 17HMR

    Superb rifle in excellent condition, still in it's original box and comes with a Sak mod.

    Going because I've bought a couple of Sako's in the last 2 weeks and need the room in the cabinet!

    600 and I think I've got a couple of boxes of Remington ammo which I'll include.

    RFD to RFD possible at cost but F2F preferred if possible.

    Pics below and I'll try to get some better one's in the week. Rings, scope and sling not included.


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    Better pics

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    What was this when new?

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    A smidge under 800.



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    I will buy it if you trim the fat off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I will buy it if you trim the fat off?

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    There is usually some room for a wee reduction.... Up here the gun trade is dead but won't lie down. Got a Synthetic Quad offered at 530 new.

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    The Synthetic Quad is 200 cheaper than the Varmint Walnut - totally different gun in terms of feel.

    Feel free to make an offer if you like.



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    If i could pick it up F2F i would offer 530? But as i am some 300m away i will offer that delivered to RFD.

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    Sorry, not enough to make it worthwhile I'm afraid.

    Thanks anyway,


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