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Thread: .17hmr cz varmint

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    .17hmr cz varmint

    hi all i have for sale my .17hmr cz varmint, so it has the heavy barrel and pre-set trigger which is a fantastic trigger. i'm asking for 325 ono and i will include 300 rounds. pics to follow

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    Hi SLA,
    I'm interested in the CZ just acouple of questions.Where are you? Barrel lenghth? How many rounds has it fired?

    Cheers George

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    pm sent but anyone else who wants to know, wiltshire, 20".....honest and i dont think its done no more than 450 rounds from what i can remember

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    is it screw cut ? any moderator and scope on it ?
    pictures pleeeaasee

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    here you are secretstalker

    please be aware tho people that even tho you cant see them there are a lot of small dents on the stock but the camera wont pick them up sorry

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    right this rifle has to go so i have now thrown into the deal a hawke eclipse 3-9x40 scope mounted on the rifle and i will put also a .17 bore snake as well as the ammo, the price will still stay at 325 ono which i dont think is bad at all as the 6 boxes of ammo you will be getting as well cost on a cheap average of 15 a box so thats 90 of ammo alone! so come on who wants it?

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