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Thread: Hi Guys

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    Hi Guys

    Hi just saying hello from Chichester West Sussex, new to shooting, well do a fair bit of clays and just started LSR as a local club, when I finally get my FAC looking to do some stalking, so will be asking a few question along the line, from what I've read so far, looks like it could proved me with a very good resourse for a new shooter.


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    Hi mate, welcome aboard,
    i live near Billingshurst,have a look at my photos,i am into most shooting disaplins just got back from Scotland hind stalking great fun.

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    Hi Matthic. I,m in Chichester , Used to do a lot of clays at Southdown , don't bother so much now.
    What club are you shooting at ?

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    Hi Matthic - welcome, this is a very helpful forum with shooters from all walks and experiences. When you apply for your FAC it is worth speaking to the Police Firearm Enquiry Team before you do as (in the main):
    1. They get to know you and know who theya re delaing with in the long run.
    2. They know everyone else who shoots, and how you might get mentors/help with stalking.
    3. Very knowledgeable and can help you apply for the right sort of firearms 'to get you started'.

    Hope this helps, enjoy your shooting - LSR is great fun and very good practice!
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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