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Thread: M595 extended magazines

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    M595 extended magazines

    Was wondering if any one would be interested in some extended magazines for the Tikka M595. (I'm thinking 8-10 rounds in 243/308 aluminium anodised black)
    I am in the process of design and toolmaking.

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    I certainly would be interested to see some of these. Any thoughts as to an eventual price?


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    If you do any for the M690 let me know mate.

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    Good idea making the mags, what are your thoughts?

    Will this be single or double stack?

    Are you going to source the follower and spring from another produced magazine?

    Will it resemble an M14 mag, if so, what will ground clearance be like when shooting from a bipod?

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    Ok, general idea is single stack as original, double stack cannot be used without serious bottom plastic mods, 8 to 10 rounds, 10 would be max I think.(whichever does not look too silly and works with a bipod) follower and spring will be made as with the rest of the magazine.
    I hope that the price will be comparable to the plastic 5 round mag that tikka sells obviously quality will be nicer than the plastic offering. Anodising offers some colour variation for the tackle tarts
    If I can make these to a standard that I think would be acceptable then a few will be made for sale if there is a serious interest. As for the m690, do not own one of them! but if you can lend me a magazine / draw / photograph the magazine with accurate dimensions then it can possibly be looked at! (as you probably can imagine Physical fit and operation needs to be checked against the real thing!)

    (oh, BTW, was offered a plastic 5 round mag for 100..'twas then, after I picked myself up off of the floor, that I decided to make the damn things and not limit myself to 5 rounds!!!)

    I will post pics of prototypes when they are completed! Be aware that this is a 'spare time' project and that there is significant tooling / experimenting to be done!!!
    Any ideas, comments are welcome!
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    Thanks for the reply mate. I'll see if I can post some photos but it is basically the long action to the m590/m595's short action. I am hoping it will be just a case of extending the magazine you are already planning to make a little.

    As a side note chaps, the M590 and M590 magazines are functionally interchangeable aren't they?

    Well done for doing this, I'm sure there will be a ready market as those older Tikka actions make very accurate custom rifle platforms.

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    This sounds really interesting.

    I should give a word of caution to .22/250 owners - there's a third size of M595 mag for the .22/250 that is inbetween the .223 & .308 magazines, I didn't know this until recently, I'm sure it is all detailed in the parts list in the manual.

    When I asked about a 6 shot mag in the .17rem/.222/.223 size, the gunsmith ordered up one from GMK (wash your mouth out) this has a plastic base that extends beneath the stock, the body and lips are metal.

    I do need a spare mag in .308 size, I won't be supporting GMK due to their attitude towards customers, so will be interested to see what you produce.

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    Well project at the moment is for the 243 (308) (as I have one!) I would imagine that the 22-250 has slightly longer feed lips, but not having seen one cannot put my head on the block! OK m590 = long action needs its own tooling for spring and box, but if there is enough interest I cannot see that being too much of a problem in the future... have enough on the plate to design and build the spring winding fixture at the moment!!!!

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    The .22/250 mag is the same idea as the .223 in that it has a blocked off section to the rear, it is dimentionally similar to the .243/.308 size though as the feed lips look just slightly narrower.

    I think (please don't take my word for it) the Tikka M590 will take the same mags as a M595, I don't know about the M558 though.

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    Well if 590 = long action mags will not be interchangeable just put a 150 grain 30-06 in the 595 mag an it overhangs by 1/4" but hey its another project if there is reasonable interest!!!

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