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Thread: pro hunter mountain .243 for sale or swap blaser r93 stuff

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    pro hunter mountain .243 for sale or swap blaser r93 stuff

    i'm selling a mk2 mannlicher pro hunter mountain (20") complete with the following if required

    t8 moderator
    warne bases
    30mm fixed rings
    1" QD rings (2 sets available)
    Barska 3 - 9 x 50 scope

    looking for enough cash to buy a .243 r93 barrel (second hand) and a set of saddle mounts. would consider swap.

    gun has had about 350 factory rounds through it, stiffened forend, floated barrel and second bipod stud fitted, so there is no problem with forend flex.

    there is a small mark on the barrel where i had it resting on a window whilst driving, but it doesent affect performance.

    1st picture shows mark on barrel, leupold scope not for sale.

    2nd picture shows barska scope which is available.

    items are not available separately until gun is sold.
    the dog is not for sale but will be covered next season, so watch this space for pups!
    the munty is in the freezer and is included with the sale (if not eaten by then )
    PM for more info


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    traded for .243 barrel and 1" saddle mount/rings

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