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    Magpie cull

    Had an early morning sorting out the local maggi population. One of my farms has a big straw barn adjacent to five silage pits so in this weather it is a goldmine for crows and maggies. Got set up by 7am only to find maggies already in but as I was tucked up in the back of the barn I was soon all but invisible. A frantic five minutes saw 5 dead maggies all having collided with an eley sub. The next went at 60yds off the metal edge railings and the best shot of the day was at 97yds, so ended up with 9x10 and a jackdaw. Must say even though I was tucked up in the bales, 60 mins was enough as the wind was blowing straight into my face. It is a superb high seat and for the last 30 mins I was watching a solitary roe doe, who was then joined by two others, so tomorrow it might be a two rifle job, mind you she was 340yds away but may be a intresting stalk!!!!!

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    Nice shooting. I love shooting them buggers. Had a problem earlier in the year at local farm. 2 maggies were head butting farmers bedroom window every morning at 4am driving him crazy. Obviously everytime I went they were nowhere to be seen. I shot about 6 around the fields there but still they came same time everyday. Didnt really fancy waking the household up at 4am (or getting up at that time to shoot em) so bought a Larsen trap, tried that for a few weeks but didnt catch them. Then one aft I waked into the Orchard in the evening and there they were, got them both

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    I cull 100's of magpies a year, dang things !!!!!!! saving the song bird population to breed & be merry , for my morning wake up call come spring

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